full-length official release date: June 7, 2013

“Making an audacious statement like “goin’ down in history, goin’ down in flames,” can mean an act of desperation, going for broke, or just going all in. Ethan Keller’s new disc Goin’ Down In History, Goin’ Down In Flames is the work of a talented singer-songwriter who has gone “all in,” the record where he distills nearly everything from a deep well of influences into that Ethan Keller Sound…

…When all is said and done, though, Keller’s prime strength is the one that’s the hardest for musicians to master, the ability to write memorable songs that play silently in your mind long after listening to the actual audio. He leverages that advantage to the fullest more than any other record he’s made.” – Pico, for @SomethngElse

official single release date: February 12, 2013

“For sure, the compelling bass line by Matthew Turner (Sam Llanas) immediately puts the song on an aggressive footing, and Keller’s guitars give it a hard edge amidst some lightly layered keyboards by the nineteen-year-old local phenom Anthony Deutsch (his first recording on a B3). Jeremy Kuzniar (Kings Go Forth) supplies a modern funk/rock stomp on drums and Tony ‘Jahmes’ Finlayson (One Drum) rounds out the personnel finessing the triangle and vibra slap. ‘Goin’ Down in History, Goin’ Down in Flames’ comes off as a cross between between Steely Dan’s ‘Night by Night’ and Eagles ‘Those Shoes.’

Keller has determination in his voice that’s in sync with the hardness of the music behind him and once again, he is able to blend various rock styles both vintage and current into something that’s not entirely from either world but is all uniquely his own.”
-Pico, for Something Else!


2011 Radio Milwaukee Music Award – Best Solo Artist

2011 Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) Award – Pop Artist of the Year

Ethan Keller: “A Musical Creation”

(artist profile by Real to Reel Videoworks)

EKG and Hannah at Turner(1)

Ethan Keller Group with Hannah Rae Beale @ Turner Hall Ballroom, Milwaukee, WI (8.21.11)


Profit is where I could very well finally cash in on one of my many unfulfilled “I told ya’ so’s.” It’s not because Keller has by now virtually perfected his blend of rock, jazz, funk and hip-hop. It’s not because that despite his awareness and embrace of contemporary trends, he still makes music by hand. It’s not even because that for Profit, he brought in two-time Grammy winner Ted Greenberg (G. Love, Chaka Khan, Ben Harper) to produce it. No, it’s because of all of those things.”-Pico for Something Else

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