Love life on stage?

Dear all the people,

After 20 plus years of playing shows, I've decided to step away from performing live. I suppose I owe an explanation. Here it is: it is inexplicable.

My last live solo show in Wisconsin will be this Sunday at venue I haven't played at in a long time: The Coffee House on Wisconsin Avenue (631 N 19th St). It was one of the first venues I played at in Milwaukee. Whenever anyone asks me if I get nervous on stage, I say "Not the big places. but sometimes the small ones." This is that venue that comes to mind.

Feel free to message me but if so please don't ask me to explain, as I need to stop trying to talk about it with people over and over. I promise I'll still be releasing music this year. Just not playing live. OK maybe one show if/when Greenscene puts something out, which is possible. But otherwise I have a lot of cider to make and many other creative and inventive things to do and I'm looking forward to new opportunities in life -- like having to honor of co-presenting at a Social Justice/Educational event with my mentors in advocacy April 29th at the Indian Community Center in Franklin.

Here's the link for my show this Sunday at 7pm in Milwaukee:

I probably won't have a setlist. So if you come request a song, you might get lucky!



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