It’s been a solid year for Ethan Keller. Amongst other things, he’s played a gig at Summerfest’s Briggs and Stratton Big Backyard, rebranding his own imprint, Driftless Records, and made two trips out west to tour. Today, Keller adds to his 2017 with the release of his new album, “Carried Away”. The album mixes plenty of twangy guitar, piercing horns, and the funkiest of bass lines throughout, similar to Keller’s performances with a full ensemble. There’s also moments where he gets to showcase his musicianship as well, such as the tender instrumental “If You Really Love Me”, in which Keller crafts a lead guitar line to feel like a vocal melody. The combination of lively, yet mellow blues-rock makes this album right for just about any occasion, and that speaks to the songwriting and production behind the making of the project.” - Allen Halas

Breaking and Entering

'Ethan Keller, 37, a musician who lives in Milwaukee, opened for Mr. Sanders at a rally at the Wisconsin State Fair Park.'” - Emma Roller

The New York Times

' was kind of a Stradivarius to me,' Keller said.” - Jeremy Ross

Fox 6 News Milwaukee (VIDEO)

Producer Judy Zarick talks with musician Ethan Keller from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Ethan talks about how his Catholic faith has influenced his music over the years.” - Judy Zarick

American Catholic Radio (AUDIO)

Ethan Keller set himself up to crash and burn when he worked on the fourth album for the Ethan Keller Group, so it's appropriate that it ended up with the name 'Goin' Down in History, Goin' Down in Flames.' The winner of the Wisconsin Area Music Industry award for pop artist of the year in 2011, Keller started working on the album about 18 months ago, but set a release show before the album had been completed. He's been so busy working in the final stretch he said he neglected to shave for about six weeks. We'll see if he appears to be more groomed by the time he takes the Johnson Controls World Sound Stage at Summerfest on July 2.” - Piet Levy

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Video & Interview)

In an era where many are content with falling into the definitive sound of a genre or follow in the tradition of a particular artist, Keller is transcendent, doing his own thing as he pleases. This genre-hopping style makes it hard to lock down Keller in one particular sound, extending his appeal to fans of many different types of music. In fact, the best comparison that comes to mind for Ethan Keller is Elvis Costello, who for years has made a career of floating from period to period, adapting a very diverse set of sounds along the way. Put very simply, it is refreshing to hear an artist that carries his sound in the way that Ethan Keller does.” - Allen Halas

Breaking and Entering

Ethan Keller keeps pushing. This makes me happy, knowing he's out there, recording music, touring in obscure venues in even more obscure towns across the country, with loop pedal and an acoustic guitar. His new album "Goin Down in History, Goin Down in Flames" has a few songs that have the road on the mind, and you can tell he's been reflecting on a music career of almost 20 years. The album is out now. It's the first full length for him since 2006.  I was thrilled to have him in. The conversation is candid and reflective...something that doesn't happen often enough on 414 Music. It was less of an interview, more of a conversation.” - Stephen Kallao

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Ethan Keller is no stranger to the Milwaukee music scene. He has been playing music for over 20 years with various groups and touring as much as his schedule allows him, but he has always loved calling Milwaukee is home. Simply talk to Ethan and you'll be able to hear his passion for the city and high hopes for making Milwaukee a tighter music community. His new cd is titled " Goin Down In History, Goin Down In Flames" and is a continuation of his self-proclaimed Midwestern Americana R&B sound. Ethan's love for all kinds of music can be heard on the new cd, plus he's joined by some very talented musicians on his latest effort. Stellar blues harmonica player Jim Liban is just one of them.  On today's Kramp Cast he plays a new song called Home Sweet Highway acoustic and we talk about the first composition he created at the age of 9 years old that was modeled after a classic hip hop song. He has a wide range of music knowledge and loves talking about it” - Brain Kramp (AUDIO)

...and decided to turn the phrase into one from the perspective of Jesus,” - Pico

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