Science and Spirit

Sometimes when my eyes hurt from receiving photons, or my ears are ringing from too many sound waves, I can't find silence. Not aural silence, nor the tranquility I want, because I'm also buzzing from excitement and anticipation.

However, then I sometimes realize that my head aches from thinking, and my face hurts from smiling, and my fingers hurts from playing, and my voice is haggard from singing, and my legs hurt from dancing. And all of these minuscule agitations and caloric burns help perpetuate that flood of energy that helps me keep radiating and reflecting creativity. And then I'm okay with it all. Trying to act like plasma under pressure, stable in an excited state.

I'm simply thankful for being able to think, move, play, smile, dance, even if I break down or break an arm or break a leg during any of those processes. Because the fact is, I live in a space and time that is a Golden Age of creativity filled, with a lot of beautiful human beings capable of creating more astounding beauty. I mean, I can be alone & entertain myself, or enjoy merely observing life, but any complex life forms interacting can have intense results.

And I'm endlessly grateful for science and spirit of smart humans who invented these contemporary musical instruments & electronic tools I toy with. Without them I would feel pretty lost, because it's really difficult to express the caliber and spectrum of emotions this mind-boggling reality lays before me, using merely words.

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